Thursday, January 19, 2012

If you plan to sell some gold, it helps to know what "meltdown value" is.

If you plan to sell some gold, it helps to know what "meltdown value" is. It has a value determined by its weight and purity. The lowest price you should take for items made of gold is the actual value when it is melted and formed into bars of 24 karat gold.

The gold price listed in newspapers or online is given in troy ounces. Grocery and postal scales measure in avoirdupois ounces. Troy ounces are about 10% heavier. Your jewelry will probably be marked 14K or with another indicator of the purity of the metal. Our calculator ( )does the arithmetic to measure the value changes necessary to go from 10K, 12K, 14K, or 18K gold to 24K, the gold that is made into bars. The only thing the buyer is paying for is the gold. Any mounted stones or other metals do not count and an adjustment is made for them.

Buyers pay a little less than full value because they sell the gold to be melted and, of course, they want to make a profit. Just fill in the blanks and click to learn the value of your items.

The design, maker, and valuable gems that might be in your jewelry could add value, so a piece may be worth more to someone buying and selling antiques. So ask any local dealer or auction house what they would pay before you consider meltdown value.

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